Pescaderos in El Conejo

Pescaderos in El Conejo

Pescadero – Spanish for fisherman. Panga – a fiberglass boat.

On the rugged Pacific coastline of Baja California Sur is a small fishing camp in a place known as El Conejo. In December of 2019, we stayed nearby in our truck camper. Every morning we’d wake up, make coffee, and head outside to watch the Pescaderos launch their pangas from the rocky shore. It’s physical work. They move rocks out of the way. Working together they push and pull the boats into position. A small truck is used to assist the effort. We watched them snap a lot of ropes in the 3 days we were there. Finally, they get the boats to the water and with the help of the waves, move them forward until they’re floating. At the right moment, the men leap into the boats, then the engines rev and they bound across the surf, heading out to check traps and nets. We videoed this boat launching process. See it below.

El Conejo Coast
Pangas- fiberglass fishing boats
Langosta – lobsters we bought in the fishing camp.

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